St. Croix

The team at Geographic Consulting monitors the nesting leatherback population at Sandy Point, St. Croix, USVI. Historically, Sandy Point has always seen more females nesting each year than we do along our survey area. However, in 2014, they saw just 84 females. That’s the lowest number of turtles in over 15 years at Sandy Point. Fifty-seven of the 84 turtles were previously tagged. In contrast, during just seven weeks of survey in South Florida, we saw 101 individuals. 50 of these were previously tagged. They have now documented 1,116 leatherbacks at Sandy Point since the project began in 1981. We are definitely looking forward to seeing what the year brings for St. Croix and for South Florida. Read more about their project at Geographic Consulting 2014 Leatherback Summary

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