Battery still good

Since the tag was released from Katia on 10/15/15 it has transmitted almost 10,000 messages via its small antenna. The latest message shows that the battery is still OK and it may be able to transmit for a few more days. While the tag is floating at the surface, it is attempting to send a complete set of data to us. Unfortunately the tag is only able to transmit data and it has no way of knowing if its messages are being received by the Argos satellites. In the case of this tag, it is programmed to keep sending data over and over until a full archive is received by us. Much of the data we are receiving now has already been received but hopefully we will be able to receive additional GPS data reveling her route back to North Carolina from off the coast Massachusetts.

Here is almost a complete data set of her dives recorded by the tag.  The graph shows the maximum dive depth summarized in six hour blocks. Feel free to explore below or edit and play with the data at


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