Seven More

We had seven more turtles on the beach last night. One of these was a new turtle from this year and another girl, Parker, who we tagged in 2014, was back for the third time this year. Tequila, named for Chris on his birthday, returned after a five year absence! One of the most interesting Read more about Seven More[…]

It’s almost May!

We can’t believe it’s been over a month since we started surveying. Even though it’s a fairly slow leatherback season, we’re seeing quite a few turtles and it’s been a lot of fun. We saw five turtles over the last two nights. All of those turtles were seen previously this year. We love to see turtles Read more about It’s almost May![…]

Beach Trifecta

We’re just wrapping up a fantastic night. The conditions were just about as perfect as they could be. The moon was full which illuminated the beach and the tide was extremely low which made for great driving conditions. We had some colleagues from USGS joining us for the night and the turtles did not disappoint! Read more about Beach Trifecta[…]

Here they come

Continuing a tradition that began waaay back in 2001, Its time to announce the arrival of the first Loggerhead sea turtles to appear on our study area. So far there have been three loggerheads tonight, but over the next few days these numbers will almost double each night.  Our volunteers are now seeing a few leatherbacks each night but Read more about Here they come[…]

Help From Your Turtle Plates

We are extremely excited to have had our proposal chosen for funding from the Marine Turtle Grants Program. Funds for this program come from the sale of the Florida Sea Turtle Specialty License Plate and they’re managed and distributed by the Sea Turtle Conservancy. These extremely important funds will be used to help us purchase Read more about Help From Your Turtle Plates[…]