Busy girls

Aside from tracking Shehyn, we’re still busy on the beach each night. Last night we found 5 more leatherbacks. That seems to be about average along our regular 12 mile stretch. Two of the girls we encountered last night were on their 7th nests each and we’ve seen them both for every nest. Milan, one of our new girls from this year, was tagged on April 2nd. She has nested just about every 9 days on our survey stretch since then. Estrella, a turtle we tagged in 2014, also nested on our beach for the 7th time. She typically nests every 8 days. The most nests we’ve ever documented from a turtle is 9. Maybe one of these girls will break that record! We also found an old friend that we named in honor of the Boston Marathon victims¬†in 2013. She hadn’t been back to visit us since that year so it was good to see her.

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