The fleet expands!

Sorry for the lack of updates but we’ve certainly been busy. In the first 3 weeks of May we’ve had 74 leatherback encounters! That’s despite the fact that it’s been a fairly slow nesting season. We’re excited to be able to capture even more in the coming weeks. Thanks to funds from the Sea Turtle Grants Program that come from the sale of the Florida sea turtle specialty license plate, we just purchased two new ATVs. This will help us cover even more beach and encounter more turtles. ATVs are the single most expensive piece of equipment that our volunteers utilize. Each night, we cover miles of beach that we couldn’t cover by walking alone. ATVs also wear out quickly in the salty environment so we have to replace them often. We’re excited to continue expanding and so grateful for the grant funds!13266743_552119598294685_1539516185_n

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