World Sea Turtle Day

The team at Florida Leatherbacks would love it if every day was World Sea Turtle Day! It is to us. We are getting ready for our last week of leatherback surveys here in south Florida and hoping a few girls have stuck around for us. We want to remind everyone of a few ways that you can protect sea turtles every day. Keep nesting beaches dark and quiet during sea turtle season and make sure you don’t use any lights while on the beach. Only approach a nesting sea turtle if you are with a permitted facility conducting a guided turtle walk. Try to eliminate single-use plastics like grocery bags, water bottles, and straws and opt for reusable choices. Make smart choices about seafood consumption by picking the good alternatives from a list like the one provided here by the Monterrey Bay Aquarium. And think big! Elect officials that care about the health of our oceans and coastal environments, help reduce your carbon footprint by carpooling and bike riding, educate yourself on local laws and policies, and work to combat the effects of climate change. Everybody can do something!

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