150 Encounters

As of last night we reached 150 encounters this season! We’ve had 27 encounters this week alone. We have seen a total of 78 individuals and 19 of those were new, untagged turtles. A few days ago we found a turtle with a PIT tag that we didn’t recognize. We asked around and discovered that she was tagged by UCF in the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge in 2014. Earlier this week we also saw Valkyrie. Valkyrie is the turtle that was originally tagged on Blackbeard Island, Georgia in 2010. We’ve seen Rosa seven times! She consistently nests on one small stretch of beach every ten days. We’ve had several additional frequent nests. Harmony and Xena have been here fives times. Benatar, Chakra, Estrella, and Taro, turtles tagged in the last few years by our team, have each nested four times. That’s a quick update for now. We’re heading out to the beach for what we hope is an exciting night and a new project. More updates soon!


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