Isla has returned!

Isla, the endangered leatherback sea turtle returns to Jupiter Island, Florida! Jupiter Island, Florida USA, April 24, 2020 – After almost two years and traveling more than 16,000 kilometers (10,000 miles) Isla, an endangered leatherback sea turtle with a transmitter was once again encountered by researchers on her nesting beach at Jupiter Island, Florida. “We Read more about Isla has returned![…]

Well, they are here early!

The leatherbacks are here! EARLY!! The first nest of the year was documented on February 6th – the earliest on record in Florida. We are now aware of SIX nests on our study area. Doss that mean it will be a record year? We hope so! Thanks to our friends at Ecological Associates Inc. for Read more about Well, they are here early![…]

Chat with Isla the leatherback turtle

Ever wanted to chat with a sea turtle? Send a text message to Isla the leatherback and see what she is up to! She can be reached at 831-346-ISLA (831-346-4752) Isla will be happy to let you know where she is, how she is doing or what she encounters out there in the ocean. Send Read more about Chat with Isla the leatherback turtle[…]