Help From Your Turtle Plates

We are extremely excited to have had our proposal chosen for funding from the Marine Turtle Grants Program. Funds for this program come from the sale of the Florida Sea Turtle Specialty License Plate and they’re managed and distributed by the Sea Turtle Conservancy. These extremely important funds will be used to help us purchase Read more about Help From Your Turtle Plates[…]

Shoes and Turtles?

We’re already a huge fan of TOMS shoes. The TOMS company helps by giving shoes, sight, water, safe births, and bullying prevention around the world. But through their latest campaign, they’ve partnered with Oceana to help save sea turtles! For every pair of TOMS + Oceana Sea Turtle shoes purchased they’ll donate $5 to Oceana. These Read more about Shoes and Turtles?[…]

23 days until sea turtle nesting season here in Florida

Here in Florida, the official start of sea turtle nesting season begins on March 1st. We are now really busy prepping our gear and working on developing a new data management system for the crew to use in the field.  This new system will allow us to work much more efficiently and will now give Read more about 23 days until sea turtle nesting season here in Florida[…]