July 10, 2015

Track our turtles

We are currently tracking four endangered leatherback sea turtles. In 2018 we began tracking “Isla.” After nesting, she headed north and spent much of her time in shallow coastal waters. “Kailani” was first tagged in the 2019 season, and three new turtle will be tracked during the 2020 nesting season. We are very interested in her behavior during a very large beach nourishment project occurring along the beach where she was tagged.

Explore Kailani’s interactive map below:

Explore Nevada’s interactive map below:

Explore Ainsley’s interactive map below:

Explore Malone’s interactive map below:

Explore Isla’s interactive map below:

Tracking of leatherbacks is a collaborative project with the Fisheries and Oceans Canada and NOAA Fisheries. If you wish to access these data for a school research project or wish to collaborate with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. We share and license data using a Creative Commons license Cc.logo.circle.svg


12 thoughts on “Track our turtles

  • Hello my names is Kaidence and I am doing my endangered Animal report on the Leatherback Sea turtle I wish I could donate?

  • This a very inserting species of turtles. I wish that i could donate but unfortunately i cant. I am actually writing a children book for my intro to Ag class in this species of sea turtles!

    • Isla is occasionally sending data to us but the system is unable to calculate a location. This is likely due to bio fouling of her tag and low state of charge of the batteries on her transmitter. We have followed her for more than 640 days now and we are hoping that she will nest this season. Her last data location shows here very close to her “normal” nesting beach. When new data arrives it will be plotted on her map automatically.

    • The transmitter that is attached to Kailani relays data to us a few times a day. The data she sends is is often deemed low quality and is not plotted on the map. When high quality locations are received, they are plotted on the map. As a result, her track will only appear to update once or twice a day.

  • Maybe the website i purchased this bracelet that donates money to saving turtles is a hoax and gives you a turtle name that you helped from making the purchase but yet the turtle does not move on this tracking website makes
    No sense

  • I Love you, my girl Malone! Stay safe honey and enjoy your relaxing current. I wish I knew your age, though. Take care and I hope the best for the others as well! ❤-Katelyn

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